Tomtop New Bee Wireless Headset Review and Giveaway

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High quality and stylish headset for everyone

When buying such a product like a headset, of course, the most important thing is a sound quality. This headset offers way much more than just a sound quality. By opening cardboard box in which they arrived, I was astonished what I saw inside! Lets go step by step to find out what makes New Bee wireless headset unique and why would you like to buy it now! Read on…


Design and comfort

By opening the box you expect to see an usual plastic cover which prevents the headset to be damage in transport, but no this time, that’s not the case with New Bee from Tomtop. New Bee headset comes in a plastic bag with stylish red zipper so you may take it outside without worries that they will be damaged. It’s strong and shaped like an egg with a hook on a side to pin it to the bag or even a jeans. Very useful.

Headset has just about 166 grams, its very light and very comfortable in use. Cuffs are thick and same as headband which fits the shape of a head perfectly. By using it constantly for 10 hours you won’t even notice that they are on your head for so long period of time. New Bee are made out of hard plastic paired with aluminium and coated with thin layer of rubber. Also, cuffs may turn for 90 degrees to adjust to the body while they are around your neck while you are not using using them.


Except black ones that Tomtop sent to us for a review on their website you may also find red and brown versions! Take a look on other colors and feel free to comment below which one is your favorite!


There are 3 ways to connect this headset to a device. Wireless via NFC or Bluetooth  4.1 and via 3.5 mm cable. I have managed to connect it via NFC and blue Bluetooth to an Android powered device while there was no luck connecting it to an iPhone even its stated that Apple devices are also compatible. Connecting process is very simple and fast, just turn on Bluetooth  on your device, turn on headset and that’s it!

However, I connected the headset to my PC and iPhone 6 via 3.5 mm jack and it worked fine!


Sound quality

Compared to a price of approximately $25 sound quality is amazing! New Bee is powered by 40 mm ultra-large dynamic drivers to ensure you get best crystal clear sound. In my opinion, I expected that bass (lows) will be a little bit stronger but since this is not PRO headset and its portable, this is not really bad thing. This headset is very loud

If high quality sound is most important thing when buying portable, wireless, headset, and you are not hardcore audiophile, you wont regret if you go with New Bee!


Battery life

Headset comes with a batter of 800 mAh what will ensure about 60 h of talk time, 45 h of playing music and 180 h standby time. Even if you run out of battery, you can listen the music by connecting it with 3.5 mm jack.

Smart APP (Android only)

If you are about to use the headset while training, by connecting it to Smart App pedometer activates to give you information about how many calories you have burned and more!



For only $25 you get much more than you pay! Big plus of this headset are great sound quality, good portability, 3.5 mm jack input for unlimited listening, comfort and cool case which will prevent the headset to be damaged. One bad experience is Bluetooth connectivity to Apple devices but if you go with 3.5 mm jack, works well!

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Tomtop New Bee Wireless Headset Giveaway

GIVEAWAY END: April 24th, 2016

OPEN TO: Worldwide


1 x Tomtop New Bee Wireless Headset

Save $1 USD on buying this headset on Tomtop.com with coupon code: 1999B!* -> Buy now!

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