Shenzhenaudio is running another amazing giveaway to gift 32 of their fans with a brand new MOONDROP PARA. To enter in their latest SHENZHENAUDIO 11.11 SALES GIVEAWAY grab your free entries by following few simple steps listed down below!


The PARA’s design will be subjective for sure but I find it mostly ok. I think it looks much uglier in photos vs in the hand but then again it doesn’t feel as cheap in the hand as it looks. The hinges for swiveling and pivoting are all super stiff and I added the tiniest amount of oil(tiny drop) on each hinge. I let it sit a few moments and wiped away any oil and it moved smoothly after a few movements of the hinges. This allowed the PARA to conform to my noggin way better. I think Moondrop could have added something to help the hinges move freely but I rather add the right amount of lube to the moving parts myself instead of risking them drenching the hinges in oil or grease.

The headband has an old school “HIFIMAN” vibe though this feels much more comfortable from memory vs their older designs. I’ve not had any hotspotting with this specific set on stock pads. The Para is a heavier full-size headphone though and the alternate pads they include do cause the PARA to slide around on my head and that seemed to cause some unwanted hotspotting. The adjustment notches on the head-band are way too spread out for my personal preference. I’m of course in between two notches and there’s no good solution to get the best fit on my head. I would like to see more adjustment notches in smaller increments on Moondrops next full-size headphone.


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STEP 1 – Follow the link to a giveaway widget -> SHENZHENAUDIO 11.11 SALES GIVEAWAY

STEP 2 – Log in to a giveaway widget with your Facebook, Twitter or email account.

STEP 3 – Finish the tasks listed in the widget to grab your free entries.

Bonus entries:  No. 

  • Not known how a winner is going to be contacted, probably by email and announced in a giveaway widget shortly after the giveaway ends.

GIVEAWAY END: November 17th, 2023



1 x MOONDROP PARA (approximate retail value 299 USD)
2 x TRUTHEAR NOVA (approximate retail value 150 USD)
3 x MOONDROP ARIA 2 (approximate retail value 90 USD)
3 x COLORFLY M1P (approximate retail value 79 USD)
3 x US$50 Coupon (approximate retail value 50 USD)
20 x TRUTHEAR SHIROI (approximate retail value 1 USD)

Good luck!
GiveawayBase Team