Sennheiser HD 560 S and iFi Zen DAC V2 Giveaway

Headphones.com is running another amazing giveaway to gift 4 of their fans with a brand new Sennheiser HD 560 S. To enter in their latest Sennheiser HD 560 S and iFi Zen DAC V2 Giveaway grab your free entries by following few simple steps listed down below!

About Sennheiser HD 560 S

Sennheiser has been in a bit of an odd spot with its headphone lineup in North America due to their legendary HD650 being produced by Drop.com as the HD6XX at a much lower price point than the rest of their lineup. The HD6XX is still seen by many as the best value option in high end headphones. One of the reasons for this is that it scales so well on higher end source equipment, and for years enthusiasts have been finding new ways to make it sound great with a wide variety of headphone amplifiers. But importantly, the other reason is because there really hasn’t been anything all that close to it in terms of price to performance ($220) that’s given the HD6XX much competition.

Enter the Sennheiser HD560S (HD 560S), Sennheiser’s newest addition to the HD5* family. Some have claimed that this new headphone is on par with the HD6XX (or even better?), and this raises the question: do we finally have a new best value headphone in 2020 – one that can unseat the reigning HD6XX?


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STEP 1 – Follow the link to a giveaway widget -> Sennheiser HD 560 S and iFi Zen DAC V2 Giveaway

STEP 2 – Log in to a giveaway widget with your Facebook, Twitter or email account.

STEP 3 – Finish the tasks listed in the widget to grab your free entries.

Bonus entries:  No. 

  • Not known how a winner is going to be contacted, probably by email and announced in a giveaway widget shortly after the giveaway ends.

GIVEAWAY END: September 30th, 2021



4 x Sennheiser HD 560 S headphones & iFi ZenDAC V2 DAC/Amp

Good luck!
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