Logitech G X NASCAR Championship Giveaway

Logitech is running another amazing giveaway to gift 3 of their fans with a brand new Logitech G G923 Wheel & Pedals Set. To enter in their latest Logitech G X NASCAR Championship Giveaway grab your free entries by following few simple steps listed down below!

About Logitech G G923 Wheel

In games without ‘Trueforce’ compatibility (or with Trueforce toggled off) the G923 feels identical to the G29/G920 (which were not exactly a quantum leap ahead of the G27 back in 2010). It’s still a gear-driven wheel so force feedback is decent if not particularly nuanced, and bumps still make the whole wheel unit rattle like a microwave packed with popcorn. Dialing down FFB in-game can often help tame the knocking in Logitech wheels, although numbing FFB also kind of defeats the purpose of buying a wheel in the first place.

Enabling Trueforce definitely adds another layer to the sensations felt through the wheel, though it does come at the cost of making the wheel even noisier than usual. Trueforce, for instance, enables the G923 to hook itself into the in-game audio and deliver a constant vibration to the wheel rim to simulate the throbbing engine reverberating into the cabin and through the controls. The higher the revs, the stronger the vibration. If you mute the game volume on your gaming TV or soundbar and speaker system you can still hear the G923 itself sound like it’s going through its own rev range – it’s kind of like that slightly distant, tinny sound you get when you go to play a game and you think your speakers are broken until you realise you’ve just forgotten to unplug your gaming headset.


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STEP 1 – Follow the link to a giveaway widget -> Logitech G X NASCAR Championship Giveaway

STEP 2 – Log in to a giveaway widget with your Facebook, Twitter or email account.

STEP 3 – Finish the tasks listed in the widget to grab your free entries.

Bonus entries:  No. 

  • Not known how a winner is going to be contacted, probably by email and announced in a giveaway widget shortly after the giveaway ends.

GIVEAWAY END: November 18th, 2023



3 x Logitech G G923 Wheel & Pedals Set

Good luck!
GiveawayBase Team