Leagoo Alfa 2 Smartphone Giveaway By TomTop.com

For this giveaway GiveawayBase has teamed up with TomTop.com. If you need cheap smartphone or any other part of electronics these guys will power you up and blow your mind with amazing prices! They sent us an amazing smartphone to give away to one of our amazing fans! Make sure to read our review down below to find out more about all features that Leagoe Alfa 2 has and don’t forget to enter into the giveaway.

Leagoo Alfa 2 – Mid range smartphone that is just what you need for everyday use!


Dimensions of Leagoo Alpha 2 smartphone are 143.6 mm x 72.6 mm x 7.5 mm and it weights 140 grams. Alfa 2 is designed very well. Even though back plate is made out of plastic, when you take it through your hands for a first time smartphone feels strong and compact due to metal frame. Piece that we got to test and give away from TomTop is colored in black while there are also pink, gold and whice versions available.

As usual, at the top part of front screen, there are various sensors like HotKnot sensor, screen brigthness sensor, front camera, front LED flash and speaker. Below an LCD screen are situated options button, home button and back button which are standard to most Android devices on the market. On the right side are positioned volume and lock buttons, while left side is empty.

Interesting feature why Leagoo Alfa 2 stands out from other smartphones is situated at the back side. Just below the rear camera and dual flash light is a squared touch sensitive area which you may use same as touch screen. Yeah, part of back plate is touch sensitive! It’s called Ion Smart Touch. At the bottom of back panel is speaker.
Microphone, charging port and 3.5 mm jack port are situated at the bottom panel.



OS – Alfa 2 smartphone from Leagoo is running highly customize Leagoo Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. Customization was needed so unique technologies like Ion Smart Touch could be implemented into the system.

Display – Smartphone is equipped with 5 inch HD IPS display. 720p display is not perfect solution for a smartphone these days but since this is mid-range device its not even expected anything perfect. Moreover, high quality capacitive multi-touch IPS display is one of the best parts of Leago Alfa 2. You will be surprised by original true colors coming out of the screen. Screen is smoot, very sharp so you can spot even smallest details. Display increases usage experience a lot.

Ion Smart Touch – If you don’t know what the Ion Smart Touch is, let us educate you. It is a small rectangular area below the camera hump which acts like a touchscreen or Rear Touch Panel over the plastic. What this Ion Smart Touch does is offer one-handed user experience.

This allows navigation between the home screen from left to right, or scrolling through websites or apps, you can even double tap it to wake the device up, and even the camera is integrated with it by just press hold the center of the touch panel. This means you can now use the touch panel for snapping pictures and selfies! But be sure to hold the phone still because the phone is prone to move when you tap on the touch panel.

Hot knot – The technology allows the capacitive touchscreens of smartphones to interact – a feature that can be used for quick data transfer/sharing, in a similar way to NFC. When the two screens are near each other, their physics are used in such a way that allows one of them to act as a transmitter and the other one as a receiver. In order for the technology to work, the two phones need to come with Hot Knot technology and be in close proximity to each other (within at least one centimeter). Then a connection between the two phones will be established and the devices will be ready to communicate and share.

Dual sim card – To use cheap calls and SMS from one mobile carrier and cheap megabytes from another, there is dual sim card configuration in the Alfa 2 which will cover your back! Another cool feature!


Leagoo powered Alfa 2 with mid range quad core 1.3 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM. This processor will allow you to run everyday use apps without any problem but in case you are a hard core gamer, it will struggle to run intensive games. Also, switching trough apps and scrolling through the home screen is not smooth as on Apple and Samsung flagship devices what is obvious.
1 GB of ram will let you have only few apps open in same time together with few tabs in Google Chrome. Enough.

Internal storage of 16 GB will be more than enough to store all your primary apps, videos, images and other mobile stuff, but i fit is not enough there is a microSD card slot so you can upgrade the storage with up to additional 32GB.



The Alfa 2 boasts a 13MP Sony camera with autofocus, f/2.2 aperture, and dual LED flash. Up front, you will find a 5MP fast focus shooter with front flash, and 71-degree wide angle lens for your selfies. These, on the other hand, are specifications that one would expect from a midrange phone, and the result is is adequate.
Both cameras shoot amazing pictures in daily light and sunny conditions. When it comes to low light, LED lights may be very handy but grain is noticable what is actually expected from a mid range phone.

Same goes for video. Maximum video resolution is 720p. Some cool camera and video app features that this smartphone comes with are autofocus, burst mode, digital image stabilization, digital zoom, face detection, geo-tagging, HDR images, panorama and more.


Leagoo Alfa 2 is equipped with 2600 mAh battery. Sounds good but if you are very active smartphone user it may last for around 5-6 hours. On the other hand, if you use it in normal way, for example you are doing few calls daily, a little bit of Internet surfing, Facebook messenger texting and time couple of time checking, you will be fine. Battery isn’t removable so you can’t exchange it if for better one. We are looking forward to see this part of hardware upgraded in next version of smartphone.


Leagoo Alfa 2 is mid range low budget smartphone which won’t fascinate you with hard core performance, but on the other hand it’s low price, optimum components and unique features will make you buy it! Good value to price ratio!

Find out current price and how to buy Alfa 2 on -> TomTop.com web shop.


Leagoo Alfa 2 Smartphone Giveaway By TomTop.com

GIVEAWAY END: August 31st, 2016

OPEN TO: Worldwide


1 x Leagoo Alfa 2 Smartphone

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