EWin Calling Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review and Giveaway

Any Gamer out there? We are bringing good news! EWin Racing and GiveawayBase have teamed up to give away brand new EWin Calling Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair to one of our fans!

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About EWin Calling Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Until now, I have been using cheap office chairs from local funriture store because I thought that there is not difference between $100 USD office chairs and $250-$350 USD gaming chairs. Let me just tell you that I weas wrong! Keep reading about my experiences with this hard core gaming chair from EWin Racing and how it compares to my current “office” chair.


EWin Racing Calling Series gaming chair is made out of certified pure leather material. It is much harder and thicker than usual leather materials office chairs are made of. If you accidentally sit on the chair having keys in your back pocket, you can be sure that chair will resist the force and sharpens of keys. Moreover, if you have a dog or cat and they jump on the chair while you are not around, durable fiber leather will sustain any sharp materials like sharp nails in this case.


Under the fiber leather coating is situated anti-allergic foam which always keeps the same temperature. Foam has a very high elasticity what will ensure seat comes back in the first state even after long time spent sitting on it.

To maximase full comfort arm pads are made out of soft plastic material. In the other hand, to maximise chair lifetime span, support frame is made out of high quality steel.


This gaming chair is fully adjustable. Everything you see is adjujstable, arm pads, chair hight and backrest, moreover back support chusions can also be removed if you are not comfortable with them.


By clicking simple button under the top of arm pad, height can be easly adjusted. By using this functionality, if arm pads prevent your chair to slide below the table, feel free to pull them down and slide it under! Amazing!

Height adjustmen functionality is similar to all other premium chairs, you pull the handle and under pressure of your weight,  chair goes down. By pulling the height adjustment handle while you are not sitting, chair will go up. Easy enough.

180 degree position

Next option is really special and unique to this chair. Chair backrest can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 180 degrees to the seat. Not only you can sit on this chair, you can also lay down and take a nap. You can ask yourself “Why would I ever take a nap on my gaming chair?“, good question. You would do that because while laying down (180 degfrees) the feel is amazing and can not be described. You have to experiance this by yourself.


Cushion Support System

My current office chair isn’t equipped with cushions so I didnt develop a need to use them actively so at first, chusions on EWin chair were sort of obstacle in normal use of the chair. When you change stuff drasticaly like I did by going from low end office chair to this PRO gaming chair, it’s normall. Few minutes each day I equip the chair with cushions to get used to them. More I am using them, I start to notice difference and I can say that they really work. Especially lower back support cushion.


Overall experience

If you go for this chair, it’s really worth money given. You will get a PRO chair which will support you in your daily gaming, office or faculty activities. Since it’s made out of high quality materials and I am sure that  it will last longer than you would expect.

No worries that the chair wont fit your needs since almost any part you see on the chair is flexible and adjustable. Now you know our experience with this amazing chair, for more technical details  like dimensions, available colors and price, make sure to visit EWin Racing official website.

Christmas discount

Check EWin Racing official website and grab $75 OFF Christmas discount. -> EWin Racing Official Website


EWin Calling Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review and Giveaway

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1 x EWin Calling Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair Red

Christmas discount

Check EWin Racing official website and grab $75 OFF Christmas discount. -> EWin Racing Official Website

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