Elgato Streamdeck XL Giveaway

Michele Boyd  is running another amazing giveaway to gift 2 of their fans with a brand new Streamdeck XL. To enter in their latest Elgato Streamdeck XL Giveaway grab your free entries by following few simple steps listed down below!

About Streamdeck XL

The idea behind the Stream Deck XL is to give a streamer on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Facebook Gaming, or wherever else you may be access to all the tools you need in an instant instead of switching between monitors or programs. You can program in sound effects, graphics packages, Discord actions, microphone settings, light settings if you have them rigged right, chat commands, broadcast commands, and more. You can even create multiple profiles so that in case you use up all 32 buttons, you can program a button to switch between setups and program more in. You can even set this up to do menial tasks like opening up Spotify or iTunes, opening pages on your browser, quick commands for Photoshop and more. If you ever wanted the Jetson’s lifestyle of things happening in a one-button push, this is the system for you.

Ultimately, this is an amazing deck to get a lot of stuff done with. But there are two small cautions to it. First, on the tech side, it doesn’t work in a USB 3.0. You have to use 2.0 or else it will only light up and not register or interact with the software. OS be aware of the ports you have. The other is more of personal concern. While the Stream Deck XL is an impressive piece of hardware that can do a lot, it can also be a paperweight in the wrong hands. If you truly wanted to, you could have an entire broadcast studio control system on your desk if you program this correctly. But it could also go to waste in a hurry if you only program a few soundboard items and the basics to operate a stream. When you’re looking at a deck that costs $250, that’s a pricey paperweight. This is a deck for those who have made streaming their life and need to make it easier to be a one-person show without a ton of downtime. There are great possibilities in this system and it can be one of the greatest tools at your disposal. But if you’re only looking to do a couple of things, look into one of the other versions.


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STEP 1 – Follow the link to a giveaway widget -> Elgato Streamdeck XL Giveaway

STEP 2 – Log in to a giveaway widget with your Facebook, Twitter or email account.

STEP 3 – Finish the tasks listed in the widget to grab your free entries.

Bonus entries:  No. 

  • Not known how a winner is going to be contacted, probably by email and announced in a giveaway widget shortly after the giveaway ends.

GIVEAWAY END: April 22nd, 2023



1 x Elgato Stream Deck

1 x Elgato Stream Deck XL

Good luck!
GiveawayBase Team