EasyAcc EP2 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds Review Giveaway

EasyAcc and GiveawayBase are teaming up again! Since Summer is right behind the edge, EasyAcc wants to gift one of our fans with a brand new Bluetooth Sport Earbuds. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to grab your entries for a chance to win this amazing earbuds so you can use them anytime anywhere. To find more about the product read our review down below and enter in a giveaway at the bottom of the page.

High quality wireless sound in your pocket

Even they are so small, this doesn’t mean that they are less powerful. Earbuds don’t come with a portable pocket bag, but there is something much better they can offer! After reading this review I am sure thay you will want to have one EP2 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds for yourself! So lets start! Read on…

Design and comfort

Weight of only 18.5 grams makes EP2 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds so powerful. They are very portable and small so you can put them in a pocket or while in hurry hang them around your neck. Because of high comfort after longer period in use you will forget about them.


Another great thing is noise cancellation. By canceling noise that is coming from the outside it makes even better experience of listening music in public transport, same as in quite environment. On the other hand, if you listed music while running, hiking, jogging or playing any sport, you can be sure that they will never fall out of your ears because of U shape design. U shape design will make earbuds bend around the ear what is really great feature.


EP2 supports only Bluetooth. Do you need any other? Connecting it to the device is pretty easy. Long press on middle button turns Bluetooth on, search for it on your smartphone, one click and you are connected. When connected, you will hear a sound through the earbuds. Since these earbuds are pure wireless, when they run out of battery, there is no other way to power it up. If you plan ahead, charging is pretty fast so you should be OK! It works well will iOS and Android.


Sound quality

As mentioned in sections before, sound quality is for sure the best feature for an earbuds like this. I did not expext sound quality to be this good and listening the music was a pleasure. This is achieved with APT-X audio decode technology, it’s to give your music a depth and balance that keep you daily soundtrack fresh and alive. So wherever you are, you music’s front and center.

That small and light earbuds with above average sound coming out, that is a win!


Battery life

EP2 Earbuds come with polymer lithium battery to deliver 6 hours of playtime and 180 hours of standby time. While testing, I was using them for a week on a daily basis and 6 hours of playtime was more than enough for me as a casual user. Even if battery is somewhere near the end, you will get a notification through the smartphone so you can plan to charge it. Charging to full power takes 2 hours.



While designing EP2 EasyAcc was thinking about health care so earbuds come prepacked with exchangeable and washable ear cups. Even so, I would like this earbuds to come with at least some small bag to pack it while they aren’t in use, only because of health reasons since many bacteria live in our pockets and after taking earbuds out of pocket in 100% situations you will put them directly in your ears. Otherwise,  EasyAcc EP2 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds are great product and for sure I will be grabbing one sample for myself though EasyAcc Amazon store.


Moreover, there is nothing bad I can emphasize, but in future versions there is space for upgrade. Overall quality justifies the price of £21.99. If you go for this earbuds, I am sure that you will be very happy using it every day in every situation wherever you are! Perfect gadget!

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EasyAcc EP2 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds Giveaway

GIVEAWAY END: May 15th, 2016

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1 x EasyAcc EP2 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds

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