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This is something special guys! GiveawayBase has teamed up with AOAO Photo to bring you AOAO Video to Gif Converter Giveaway. Feel free to check review below to get more in touch what this really cool software which will convert any video to a gif photo which you can use on social networks, websites, forums and more! Lets go!

What is Video to GIF Converter?

From the name of the software you can find out what is it used for. By adjusting some parameters in few simple steps, with this software you can create stunning animated GIF’s out of any of your videos and post them to your web pages or social network profiles.

Software Interface

As a first time user, when the software opens, everything is very clear. It’s very simple and most of the functions that are available can be recognized pretty fast, what means that you can start converting your videos into the animated GIF’s within a seconds.

By clicking “Load” button at the top of the screen, video files can be easy added into the software. All video files that are supported are AVI, MPG, WMV, MKV, MOV, MP4, 3GP, RMVB to picture files like JPG, GIF, BMP, TGA, TIF, PCX, ICO, etc. You can also capture single of a video, if you are looking for certain frame.


First of the video configuration options that you can change is Resolution. Since today most videos have 720p or greater resolution, it’s good to play with that parameter which significantly affects the file size. So if you do not need high resolution of your animated GIF its good to make it slightly lower than original resolution of your video.

After setting up resolution, there is an option to add some effects to your animated GIF. Most of the effects are simple effects which are available in many photo editing software’s. They are very interesting but I didn’t find them useful since I wanted my GIF’s to be exactly as a video so I can show off my work. You can see a list of the available effects on a picture below.


Frame rate is also one very important feature which you are going to use on almost every video that you convert, but when you find most suitable frame rate for your GIF’s it is probably going to be you default frame rate. With frame rate function user can control how many frames (pictures) are going to be fit in one second of a preview.

And the last function that can be adjusted trough the software is Output format. Since we are talking about animated GIF’s, this is going to be your favorite but there are also window bitmap, still GIF, targa bitmap, tiff bitmap, paint brush, portable network graphics and windows icon formats. I am not going in details for each of them but my favorite is windows ico which can be used for converting images to little icons for websites which you can see on the tab in your browser.

When you finish with setting up the options, simply click “Convert” button to start rendering the animated GIF. It will take few second for process to complete when window will pop up to lead you to a folder where a file is situated.

Now when you know this simple process of creating amazing GIF’s out of the videos with AOAOPhoto Video to GIF Converter, let me show you finished product so you can see how amazing it is.

Video 31-3-2015- 3-01-49


AOAOPhoto Video to GIF Converter is very simple software which really works! Trough few simple steps you can create amazing animated GIF’s out of any of your videos. It has 4 basic options which can be edited by a user so every GIF can be customized in a perfect way. Even options are basic they are wide enough so the software can be use even for some other tasks except as a GIF converter.

For only $20 USD it’s worth getting this software since there is no more simple way to create amazing animated GIF’s that trough this software.

Get yourself a copy. -> AOAOPhoto Vide oto Gif Converter Official Website


AOAOPhoto Video to GIF Converter Software

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GIVEAWAY END: April 9th, 2015

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1 x AOAOPhoto Video to GIF Converter Software License

Good luck!
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